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Sno Joke

Date: Feb 10
Submitted by: Alan Tees

“Ye shoulda been here last week”

Not again!

The long period of settled weather came to an abrupt end the day we arrived, and promptly resumed the day we left. In the meantime we were buried in at least three foot of snow, (along with any plans or aspirations we had been presumptious enough to harbour). I had deliberately not looked at any guide books lest I should anger that great Scottish god of thranness and contraryness, (Jockstrap?). Somebody else must have.

It wasnt all bad, digging out the car was fun, a 4X4 a distinct advantage, and we strove to make the best of it. An epic 7 hour survival struggle accounted for a roadside “Easy” Corbett, Meall Carn, ably trailblazed by younger legs than mine or Marty’s! A pleasant day snow shoeing around L.Morvich, and another snow shoe ascent of the Corbett, Meall a Buachaille, behind Glenmore lodge (as the storm abated) followed by a rather good Ireland result, made the days tolerable enough. It was quite sociable too, with almost 20 Colmcillers ploughing or sliding about in the snow. Aviemore was totally cut off by rail or road. We met Brian Martin (with friends Mark and Alan) who had an epic escape from a snow hole followed by a Keith style cornice event, only to find their car was buried and unrecoverable, resulting in missed flights, domestic retribution etc etc

Our Rosie was there too, with Tollymore, and Martin Boner with SARDA. Our Bonny, having left on Thursday morning, finally got there at 5.00 PM on Saturday, just in time to go home. No it wasn’t that bad, Not at all at all at all, not until we found out that there were better winter conditions in Donegal.

01 Mar 2010

Alan, Winter conditions are still intact in Donegal, the North face of Slieve Snaght (Derryveigh) and surrounds still hold an amazing amount of Snow and Ice!! Tetchy windslab yesterday prevented further play, snow banks up high are substantial enough to allow snow holes if troops are keen of the subterranean winter experience? :-)

02 Mar 2010

Bloody hell, its not fair, and I'm in Wicklow for the MI Agm this weekend!!

02 Mar 2010
P Tinney

We had excellent night in our bivy bags on top of Errigal last Saturday night and did 2 new mixed routes on the east face on Sunday morning. Had another perfect day on Muckish on Saturday in waist deep snow with 2 more new routes.The ice isn't as good as earlier in the year but the snow is better.

Photo of Route
SYHA Resident looks for his car - Aviemore