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A Good Week so far

Date: 5th- 9th March
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Arriving back from Glendalough (see Peter's report) by lunch time on Sunday, I met Bill, and we went down to Leenan to look at some rock I had previously spotted, (whilst on a canoe reconnaissance of the secret pinnacle, that Bren Whelan has just put on the website).  I abbed down to a ledge which appeared to be just above the marauding waves.  Not so!  By the time Bill got down, I was pretty soaked from the waist downwards, but still managed to enjoy the pleasent arete to the top "Colonic Hydrotherapy" (Diff).  The tone being set for the day, Colonic Irrigation, Diff, and Haemorrhoids (Sev),on Uranus slab, were to follow, amongst others.

Monday, it was off to the Poisoned Glen with Finbarr to meet Adrian Hendroff in a desperate attempt to get into one of the photos in his forthcoming book! We did Castle Gully (again).  There was hard and hollow snow in it, and the crux was coated in verglas, making it very treacherous indeed with no crampons, and only one axe, but we made it.  We caught up with Adrian at windy/Bearnas gap, and had a wonderful walk over Rocky Gap Mt (new routes potential) and down by L.Maum.

Tues. Met Emmet Johnston to work out a plan to utilise our new crag at Dunmore (we havent got it yet) to accommodate the wildlife.  Can we move the Climbfest till after nesting season in July?  Then Bill came down, in great form, and we went climbing to the Laundry, doing 5 routes, inc 3 fine new ones.  Good week so far


11 Mar 2010

Not bad for an oldie. Any news on this year's climbfest? It would be good to know.

11 Mar 2010

It'd be great if you do move the climbfest. A lot o the usual (noisy) UUJ folk will be sailing over to the Outer Hebrides for that first week in May. This was going to be the first climbfest we've missed since its started. Has it been running for 4 or 5 years now? Also if I remember right the last days has nearly always been rain off but I suppose that’s just Donegal ; ) 

12 Mar 2010
Peter Cooper

This will be the 6th year of the Climbfest. We want the noisy folkers, it's all about connecting-up for fun and future climbing adventures with the folk you meet; it's certainly provided me with a wider circle of climbing friends.

18 Mar 2010
Andy McInroy

Nice one Alan, That pinacle was the one where the trawler ran aground last year. You might like this photo of the pinnacle being bashed by waves which I took when out with Pete Smith a couple of years ago.

Photo of Route