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Piz Buin in Donegal

Date: 10/11 April 10
Submitted by: Keith Monaghan

Back to Culldaff for a consecutive weekend having not been up there since the climbfest(08) on a hot and sunny Saturday with Billy Cross.  Started on Belfast Blitz boys, Absent friends, Birds Nest Bulge, by which time the sun cream was out. Cheating Bitch, Barbara Baby, (took a bit of working out) Tina Crack with angry seagulls, Diversion, etc working right to left to follow sunshine!!

Oxo in October  has no placements unto about 20 ft up where white slab is at its slippiest, and the aptly names Scratch and Snatch to finish as we had to fight through the whinns to get out, have  vowed to return with chainsaw and paraquat.  Knackered and sunburnt we retired to McGrorys for a bite and a pint and then the long road back to Fermanagh.

Have now already been out almost as much as I managed all last year.

Went to Bluestacks on Sunday for a dander in 22c sunshine, (sun cream required in April 2 days in a row!!!) and noted/photographed a couple of smaller craigs in the lower grades which don’t appear in our guide. To be explored later.   

May the global warming continue. (for the rest of the summer/autumn)

13 Apr 2010

Brilliant, you did a lot!

22 Apr 2010

Well done Keith, time to dust down mw own climbing gear as the temp heats up

Photo of Route