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Date: April 2010
Submitted by: Iain Miller

 And Sho, whilst in training for some Uber foolish mid-summer nautical mis-adventures, I found myself alone, single paddled and wee dingied on the currently tropical paradise known localy as Owey.

 Whilst on the island went to pay visit to an old friend and found him in good health and still standing, it had been a tad worrysome over the Winter to hear of his apparent demise.

 Nipped across to another old friend and Tamed the Dragon, alas the Dragon gave a wee nasal blast of fire as I descended sans gear and rope, but I felt the beast was still suitably tamed.

 It was at this juncture that an ominous sea fog and a freshening of the seaward winds ocoured, thus time to a paddle a hasty retreat.

 The return journey to the mainland was a bit of a "chopfeast" and alas I ended up "digging Deep" as a salty baptism of fire and a bit of a swim whilst towing the mighty vessel allowed safe passage to the start point and a bumper bag of jelly bears.


12 Apr 2010

Good to know it's still erect. I bet a lot of people would have climbed on Cruit rather than risk swimming back from Owey alone. Colmcille is proud of you.

12 Apr 2010
Peter Cooper

Nice to see it hasn't fallen, as per a report. That means folks can get further ascents during the up-coming Climbfest, hurrah indeed!

Photo of Route