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Date: May 2010
Submitted by: Chris McDaid


Having climbed extensively all over the UK and Ireland, I've just returned from possibly the most magical place to climb and explore on these islands, the Ross of Mull, including Erraid. Info can be found in Gary Latters latest guidebooks. I know some of you guys are keen katakers too, and there is no better mode of transport for Erriad, as there are numerous offshore islands to explore. I can thoroughly recommend Fidden Farm campsite. You will not find a more stunningly located campsite anywhere. Just giving you guys the heads up. It really is an enchanting place


01 Jun 2010

Hi Chris, long time no see. Will look it up, is it on the Isle of Mull?

01 Jun 2010
Peter Cooper

Wow, looks delightful. The photo really is one of those 'that's what its all about' pics. Book me in for when I've recovered, got back to work, got some cash and got me a 'katak' (couldn't resist). Nice one Chris.

01 Jun 2010
Chris McDaid

Alan, aye its on Mull, very close to Iona (theres also crags there). Pete, I was shattered when I wrote that!! Seriously, you guys should organise a club trip there, its without a doubt the most stunningly beautiful locations I've climbed at on these islands Cheers

02 Jun 2010

Looks great, we were planning on stopping on Iona at the start of May but we ended up heading across to Colonsay instead before heading on to Mingulay. The climbing possibilities out that way are remote but noting short of amazing. Colonsay is fantastic but Mingualy has to be the jewel in the crown. We only managed to spend a short time on the islands due to the winds, sea and general logistics of getting there. The charter boat to mingulay from Barra costs £600 for 12 people. If enough folk were interested it'd make a fantastic expedition.

02 Jun 2010

Glad to hear you're alive and well Chris!

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