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Murlough Bouldering

Date: Dec 2009 - May 2010
Submitted by: Rodders

After a quiet year on the bouldering front in 2009, due to injury and lack of motivation, I decided to invest more time this year at one of my favourite places to climb, Murlough bay.

Since december 2009, Julie and myself have spent numerous days up there with various people, mainly Paul Brennan and Stu Hamilton and occaisionly bumping into the odd rockstar or proper boulderer! The extra effort up there has paid dividends as, despite a really bad finger injury and a mountain of coursework, I managed to finally tick two problems I've wanted to do for ages, the burly, desperate Chubbs Peterson font 7a(7a+?) and the uber classic Carbide 7a/+, as well as climb again problems like Brought to you by the letter M 5C, Moonman Direct 6C and Eat it Left 7a.

Paul B also managed Carbide and Eat it Left, as well as other probs likeHook and Reach 6C. Julie finally ticked the classic Letter M 5c. Magic.

Thanks to stu, julie and paul for the (many) spots on carbide and chubbs. 

This is a brilliant area, awesome problems in a beautiful location. A top class bouldering area not to be overshadowed by its world class trad crag big bother!


P.S. don't nod off they'll be some trad reports soon!

16 Jun 2010
Peter Cooper

Rodder's your 100% right, the bouldering there is totally overlooked; theyr'e as big as houses. Hopefully the next Fairhead guide will finally let it out of the bag.

16 Jun 2010

Hi Pete hope you're keeping well! The topo for the bouldering is on its a bit out of date now though.

Photo of Route