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Exeunt Omnes

Date: June 2010
Submitted by: Iain Miller
And Sho, once more to the mighty An Port.

 The few remaining unclimbed beasts along this coast are currently  unclimbed for various reasons, mostly to do with Neptune, this wee  adventure involved a tad of wind/weather/wave watching, guile and  stupidity, all in equal measure, I hasten to add.

 Arrived at Port and slept in the car at the road end, an UBER early  start was forcast as high tide and 30 knot wind was schedualed for 3pm.

  4am and the lonely walk North-East to a secluded wee bay to the  North of Glenlough Bay was made, carrying the 20 kG beast of burden.  Upon reaching the high point of the journey, at the view point  overlooking Cnoc na Mara, I got my first look at the object of the  exercise. This object of todays activities is a beast that sits at the  juncture of two conflicting tidal streams and as such is prone to a  pounding from Neptune. BUT even from two KM's away an obvious channel  of black was bisecting the rage, we were on and thus I received my  first rush, cranked up the tunes and increased the pace down into  Glenlough Bay.

 Arrived at the intended launch site and began to inflate the boat,  Neptune was in the building and was currently pounding the coast all  around me, I began a retreat into the inner self as to regain  equilibrium. The black channel bisecting the rage was perfect and an  UBER atmospheric sea passage was made and the seaward face of the sea  landed. A swift change of clothes and I was scrambling along the high  water mark of an oustanding ridge to the base of the main face. The  roar of the sea iether side of me was truly unnerving.

 Arrived at the base of the main face and begain to freesolo up the  centre of landward slab, jug after jug of immaculate quartz and the  summit was gained.

 Outstanding Private Pile!

 Stood for a while and looked around, I was near 30KM from the nearest  main road, 5KM from the car, 300m from land surrounded by Neptunes  rage, with no means of telling the world where I was and totaly alone,  and thus, I received a third rush and it was a facking Monster! The  true embodiment of possessing a length of dymamic rope are moments like  these.

 Anyways, rigged an ab and descended to the base, traversed around to  the sea ward face and solo'd up a couple of lines. Time was ticking on  and a hasty retreat was made back along the ridge to the mighty vessel.  Whilst re-traversing the ridge the sea either side of me was going  absolutely fackin mental, lumps of salt spray were being carried over  the ridge by pulses of sonic energy and a chaotic symphony of white  water rage was being played at FULL volume.

 Arrived back at the mighty vessel, donned the Speedo's and mattressed  the beast back into the narrowing black channel, a 20 min paddle and  land was regained. All that was left to do was lay on the grass and and  await the descent to normality and sanity.

 A 5* adventure digging deep into the outer reaches of the inner self  only to discover what was already suspected.

23 Jun 2010

I got it to work, Iain. Let's hope that's the last of the troubles!

Photo of Route