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The Inishowen Trio :-)

Date: June 2010
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And Sho to Inishowen and a trio of wee adventures of a nautical flavour were to be had.

 First up was a spanking of Lenan needle with Noble Brother Bren Whelan.

 The day started well with a 100m of rope used to rig an ab down to the non-tidalish platforms facing the beast. (using, i might add the mother of all anchors) An atmospheric wee paddle and we alighted onto the platforms on the landward face of said beast. A cunning 20 metre V. Diff passage found us standing on top, alas it was noted with a mild hint of alarm/concern that Neptune was making her presence felt and it was most defo time to vacate the building. An enduring memory I have of this day is off Brother Whelan, big yellow dry bag in each hand up to his knees in white water tetchyness exiting the stack and entering the boat. An excellent wee paddle back to terra firma and as we walked back to the cars....

 "What the fuck is that?" came the battle cry of Brother Whelan

 And stack 3 was sorted! :-) HURRAH!

 The following day whilst having a wee stroll with Noble sister Caoimhe along the white strand bay and a monster came into view on the horizon.

 "What the fuck is that?" I wailed

 "Where the fuck are you going?" was the last I heard as I heal hooked across a cave roof of immaculate quartz to the sanctury of the seaward platforms. A swift romp up an exposed wee-ish ridge and I found myself on the summit. Alas there was a stake, pesky Bill M and George C had spanked the beast prior. Alas I had no toys so a tetchy down climb and I was back on the seaward platforms. A shpot on Au Naturel swimming and I was back to terra firma. HURRAH! ALAS all picture and no sound was the order of the day but that is an entirerly different tale altogether! Cha Cha :-)

 A few days later and once more to Inishowen a quick recce of a future uber project and down to business. A short walk south from Lenan bay and Noble Brother Whelan & Mio were once again water borne. The Black stack Bren had seen the other day was the object of the exercise. Alas landing on the fucker proved troublesome so a swift romp up the landward face and an ab off the parceled summit, found us at the base of the seaward face, to which Brother Whelan led us to glory. HURRAH!

 "Exshellent Mish Moneypenny" we shaid to ourshelfsh :-)


Photo of Route