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Gola Memories

Date: June 2010
Submitted by: Sandra K

One minute I was heading to the Alladie cliffs in the Burren and the next I was on the boat to Gola . A Bhuddist might remark “let your ways be flexible like a bamboo in the wind and not immoveable like a boulder in the sand” and yep I can go along with that although I can see that it has potential for Pandamonium as well. Not this time though.

I found Gola awesome, from the moment I saw the beach at the campsite, to the familiar friendly faces on the boat to the feeling of the solid grip of the rock against my climbing shoes.

I started with Keith and Sandra M on Saturday morning and having climbed very little this last year, I led the Diff on the inland crag. Keith then led Corner Boy in fine style – guan yersel big yin, gie it laldie (translate: to undertake an action with vigour and vitality). We then headed down to the Gripple wall where Sandra M and I followed Keith up Sheepdip Extreme and Maid of Gola. Feeling a bit more confident I led the fine chimney climb Jean A Cheval and one of my most enjoyable climbs of the weekend -   the Pride of Gola, beautiful route.

The day was marching on and with room for one more climb I managed to lead Corner Boy in the inland crag... fully surprised mind you that I didn’t take a tumble on the gear although I did have Elvis and Monica Seles as companions... bless them!

Sunday was spent following Gorgeous George and Magnificent Mike up a few HVS and E1 - great practice and hats off to the lads for some lovely climbing.

The craic was mighty and I enjoyed some great laffs with PJ and Sandra M around the campfire and great to see Alan, Bill and Pete Coop there also. Overall I’m delighted that I came to Gola and would highly recommend this location to anyone. The cheese chips from a roadside van on the way home with Valli was a well deserved treat...mmmhh.

Photo of Route