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Dalkey Again

Date: 24th and 25th July
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

 Well the mizzly July weather in Donegal did very little to stimulate me neurons it was not conducive towards dry rock climbing, so I took off for Dublin with the wains and some jollies in Dalkey. Met with Noel and off we went with the wains to Dalkey Quarry. Surprisingly, the quarry was empty and we had it to ourselves (very strange). We had some fun with the kids on Easy Gully but Winder's slab was out of the question as it was covered in wet slimy gunge. So we went to the Majohoong Wall and taught the wains to abseil off the lower slabs. They had good fun there.


 On Sunday 25th, the weather cleared a good bit so Noel and me went off and Top Roped 'Birdbrain' 6c. If you really want to test your crimping and your smearing skills - this is the climb to do it on. I really surprised myself by getting as high as I got without much help from the top rope but the 6c bit got me in the end. Oh - this climb is not given an E classification - I wonder why - but then only E-men could answer that. It was great fun and fully pumped we headed for East Quarry. However, on passing the 'Paradise Lost' wall - it was free. So Noel lead it in fine style and I followed. I must be truthfull here and say that we always do the 'Fragile' Start to Paradise Lost - so therefore, it is more technical than VD. We then went on to 'Ivy Chimney' in East Quarry. This climb has a stubborn and awkward start. From the left hand side it is HVS and from the right hand side it is VS. I lead it a few years back but today was not going to be my day. Noel got up it no bother but unfortunately, after numerous spalters I only got about 0.5m of terra firma. So I thought of my options and I shouted to Noel, who was enjoying the evening sun from a fine perch, that I thought a Curry and a pint would be very welcome. He agreed so he abbed off and away we went. It was a good weekend's cráic.

30 Jul 2010

If you click on this link you might be able to access a short video of me soloing the 'Fragile' start of 'Paradise Lost'

30 Jul 2010

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Photo of Route