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Golden Hind HS 4b

Date: 15th August 2010
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
 ‘Do you fancy a wee adventure’ says Alan. I heard the key words, Kinnegoe Bay, Low Tide, Sea Stac and an unclimbed line. At this point, thoughts involving wet and water did not enter my brain. ‘Sounds good says I’. So I packed me climbing gear and set off in brilliant sunshine and met Margaret and Alan at the house. It did not occur to me that I’d get wet until I realised that canoes required a watery crossing – but sure the sun was shining and I’d soon dry out. 

 Margaret took the 1st canoe and headed off out into the Atlantic over the wrecks of the Spanish Amada and Alan and I followed her in the inflatable canoe. I must say it was a long time since I was in a canoe but it was a really brilliant experience and the views were spectacular. Landing was fun with somewhat energetic and adventurous manoeuvres required. Alan's prior meticulous preparations paid off and a safe belay stance was secured on a small accomodating sloping ledge. We spied Peter Cooper high above the cliffs taking photos. Anyway Alan led up the clean corner and shortly after I heard a shout of delight that he was on the summit. It was my turn and I found it a really enjoyable climb with superb situations and enough tension to keep me focused. With exception to indigenous inhabitants the rock was very clean. Soon I was on the summit and what a view. For me it was a surreal feeling being one of the first human beings to have stood on that summit. Judging by the amount of small animal bones on the summit, it was also the high perch of a local Raptor. We both agreed that it was a HS 4b with an attitude. Alan set up an abseil and TAT remains in situ. The abseil descent onto the small ledge was brilliant. We explored the nearby climbs on the way back. It was when I reached the beach that I realised how wet I was. Nonetheless, this was a minor issue - Alan was right – it was a brilliant ‘wee adventure’.

22 Aug 2010
George C

Looks like a great line on an impressive looking piece of rock. Good effort.

23 Aug 2010
Peter Cooper

This was a nice climb to watch, just wish I was physically-able to join in. I managed to get a snap or two and will post them in the near future. What was also good to observe was the sun's angle, as Alan climbed he was chased all-the-way by an ever-growing shadow. Me, I was just glad to be out in the sun.

Photo of Route