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Date: 9th 10th October
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Good turnout for the AGM in McGrory's. Full report, I imagine from our new secretary. Less said about later, the better - but gymnastics and alcohol aren't a great mix!

Did a few routes in the sun on Dunmore beforehand, and on Sunday five of us, Ivan, Marty, Aoife, Gemma, and self, battled our way through the vegetation to Kinnego, where we did "Clingen in the Rain" (beware, one of the jammed flakes loose apparently!) Planters Plunder, Forked Lightning, and Ivan and Gemma put up a new route between Foyle St and Die Wrecked.

14 Oct 2010

wot? no comments yet?

15 Oct 2010

We're all speechless.

16 Oct 2010

This attempt is null and void. Sandra K is standing and should be kneeling on the people below. It will all have to be done again. Marty, PT instructor.

16 Oct 2010

You would know there were insurance men involved in CCC Pyramid scam

Photo of Route