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1st Winter Ascent of the Shed

Date: 19th Dec 2010
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

 On the Northern Outscirts of Carndonagh, The Shed lies behind and North of An Teach. The route is obvious. Pitch 1: Precariously gain the accomodating stance on the summer BBQ table. Very unprotected. Pitch 2: Step right to gain top of Gas Tank and place 8" Ice Screw at base of Roof Cornice. Pitch 3- Crux moves up through the cornice with good Ice Axe placements. Pitch 4: The roof pitch. Carefull move up the final gentle snow slope to the summit ridge. Some avalanche risk in unconsolidated snow.

Have a great Christmas Guys :-)

19 Dec 2010

be carefull Columba there are some very dangerous climbs in that area, a tree springs to mind,

19 Dec 2010

Aye, will do. At least I got a rope attached to something this time.......

20 Dec 2010

Is this photo of the first ascent? No gloves and no harness? You're a tough cookie!

21 Dec 2010

As in days of yore, I used a Bowline Hitch to attach me to the safety rope. Colette, who was belaying, forgot about safety to take the photo. As the saying goes - Old dogs for the hard road.......

Photo of Route