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A Grey Mare's Tale, for Christmas

Date: 22nd Dec 2010
Submitted by: Alan Tees

A Grey Mare’s Tale for Christmas readers

Once upon a time, there came upon the land a great freeze, and verily, the citizens of that land were unable to travel either hither, or indeed thither, (lest they end up in a sheuch).  Amongst these citizens were 3 ice pilgrims who were much troubled in their thoughts and dreams, by visions of frozen waterfalls, and gullies layered with thick luscious ice.  The days passed and their torture continued unabated.  Finally they could bear it no longer, and resolved to venture  forth onto the polished  byways, come what may.  Enduring great travails, the three arrived at the Valley of the Sruell ( and Marty remember his crampons this year) with ice axes sharpened, and breath  frozen and bated,  to view the famous  Grey Mare’s Grail.   A great joy was visited upon them, as the fall was frozen.

And it came to pass as the pilgrims progressed towards the celestial cascade, a noise was heard.  Hark! (Valli shut up a minute) is that running water?   This cannot be.  Forsooth,  it is a miracle, the land is in the grip of an ice age, and our waterfall is still running.   There was no time for tearing of teeth or gnashing of hair, lest the Grail should be snatched from their grasp, and the faithful three donned the raiment of the ice pilgrim, and ventured forth.   The Grail was in delicate condition, in its Genesis (and Exodus was not an option) so the pilgrims progressed with care, to anchor about half way up.   Their faith was rewarded, as the ice improved, and soon the happy pilgrims  were on top.

What to do next? The pilgrims espied several other smaller gullies, none frozen, but one a narrow “V” which might have  ice higher up, so they went there.   The trials of the “slough of despond “( deep soft snow lower down) was overcome, and the “Giant of Despair” (a wet slippery unprotected pitch) was seen off by one of greater belief, before the pilgrims emerged into the heavenly light, of a sunset over Donegal bay.   Having climbed “Goose Gully”, one of the pilgrims was in a rush home for Carol singing, while the other two went in search of an inn to celebrate their success.

24 Dec 2010

Forsooth, a tale to whet the appetite of things to come...

28 Mar 2011

coincidentally, the Gully Marty named Goose Gully, is actually on the side of Meenaguse Hill!!!

Photo of Route