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Small Fryin at Fair Head

Date: 1st April
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Marty and I were late having been held up by a coffee shop and other pressing matters. When we arrived at the small crag there were lots of climbers there "are these people all members, and have they paid Dennis?"  They werent, and hadnt, but Alfie, Vasco, George, Maeve, Trev, were and had, (well maybe not Vasco).  Marty and I started with something easy, and I barely avoided the humiliation of being lowered off a vdiff, but to be fair, I had been warned about the HS masquerading as a vdiff, and should have shown more respect! Marty grunted his way up the next crack, and then led a very nice VS4c called Tonelagee (in Gaelic), and I, now being less wary following my mauling by a vdiff, led a severe called Easy Go, nice route, but high in the grade and not 3c, like everything else hereabouts.  This is a grand wee crag, and convenient to car parking, but nothing is that easy.  Must see if I can talk Marty into doing some cleaning as there is bags of potential.

Well done to George for representing us at the Environmental course at Tollymore on Saturday, and also showing us the routes on Sunday.

02 Apr 2012

I've never seen as many climbers on the crag at one time before (or over the course of a year for that mater) was good to see folks out enjoying the delights of the Small Crag.

06 Apr 2012

Which coffee shop and is it worth putting on next year's meet list?

Photo of Route