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Wave dodging at Dunseverick

Date: 12/4/12
Submitted by: Keith Monaghan

North Coast Easter trip, Sandra, Jayne and co left Dunseverick for a dander to the Giants Causeway coffee shop, Sam and I went to climb. Didn't have abb rope so were a bit slow, seas a bit mad so we couldn't go too far from the abb site or get right to the bottom of all the routes, climbed Battlement Stance, and Wind Up, VDs, Crafty Yachting and Abseil Route, S's and Regulation Rock HS.

Nice climbing but all the routes were in the shade making it a bit cold in the strong north wind, on an otherwise lovely sunny day, Sam very cool patient second and now looking to lead, but I'm still king of the Vdiffs Mike!!    

14 Apr 2012

Great to get out Keith - good man!

15 Apr 2012

Keith, thanks for the pic. Won't be able to put it up till next week, but I will do it.

16 Apr 2012

Went there a few days earlier and got rained off before actually abseilled down. Went a few days later and had a great albeit cool day

Photo of Route
Dunseverick - Climber Sam Monaghan