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No Biggie...

Date: 14 April
Submitted by: Des O'Connor

As the title suggest folks, this is a no biggie report - just reporting in on a few wknd solo adventures. Day 1 Barnesmore, Day 2 King Mintiagh outside of Buncrana. Due to my location at Strabane I can scoot out to these places in 30-60 mins and have a few hrs soloin to myself on a dry sat/sun morning.

Now Im wise enough to know that this is a risky/silly business - but needs must :(

Sunshine, no family or work noise, dry rock - sure what else could a man ask for! 4-6 routes done in a few hours, Barnesmore was grand last week, but pushed it today on them 20m routes on King Mintiagh and although I finished a few the big moments were on the downclimb/retreat  from 14m+. [more than once].

All good training for the heart, soul and mind...

15 Apr 2012
Peter Cooper

Hi Des, good on yer for getting out and soloing too. I'm interested to know which routes you did and if you have any comments on any of the routes and their descriptions and grades. Oh and take photos while your out - you may need to take a tripod and radio-controlled shutter release....on 2nd thoughts.

15 Apr 2012
Des O'Connor

Crocodile Rock, King Minch, & Mayfly [with a stutter!] and Artic Fox - had to downclimb/back off Crazy Paving. I prob shouldn't have been soloin it but I couldn't help myself - I liked the look of it! Only had my crappy phone camera so not great photos - though the long routes were tad scary for me on solo

Photo of Route