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Climbfest Report for Irish Mt Log

Date: 5th 6th 7th May
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Whilst the Baltic conditions continued into May, and a number of climbers made their beds in the comfortable hostel at Glencolmcille, most braved the cold nights and camped at the GAA grounds.

There were about 40 tents, vans, and temporary habitations of various types, and those that survived Friday night were rewarded on Saturday, as it was dry, mainly sunny, and quite warm where sheltered from the north wind.   The routes in the west facing zawns at Skelpoonagh therefore saw a lot of traffic, particularly Zawn 4, where about 15 new routes at amenable grades were put up over the course of the weekend.

The usual bonfire on the beach in the evening was great, as the wind had died, music supplied  by big Paul and Niall, the firewood and energy lasting until about 4.00AM.  In the morning, some went to Malinbeg, some back to Skelpoonagh, some went sea kayaking, and some went elsewhere.

Unfortunately one of the climbers was injured in a fall on Sunday evening, and as there were head injuries, rescue services were called.  Those of us who were  there, were hugely impressed by the speed and professionalism of the helicopter team and coastguard.  It seemed like they were there within minutes,  and all of us who use the cliff and mountain environment owe them a debt of gratitude.  That level of efficiency must require a huge input of effort, practise and commitment.

Fortunately the injuries were not serious, and we wish the injured climber a speedy and full recovery.

In addition to thanking the rescue services, we would like to pay tribute to the GAA club for making us so welcome, and of course the climbers, without whom the weekend wouldn’t happen.

Next year we will probably be based in Cruit,  for Gola, Owey, Bingorms etc.

Photo of Route