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Ben Alder

Date: 22/23 July 2012
Submitted by: Keith Monaghan

Headed back to Scotland 22nd July for a quick 2 day trip, early boat to Troon and drive up to Dalwhinnie for solo round of 6 Ben Alder hills, cycled 16k to Cultra Bothy and headed off into cloud and driving rain. 5 hrs later and mad traverse in 80mph gusts with every bit of clothing soaked, got back to bothy. Crac great apart from a drunken Scot fisherman (obviously not in Mountaineer)   who's early morning antics required a little "advice" as how to treat bothy's.

No drying in bothy meant a start in wet gear and another 6hr soaking. Never seen more that 50 meters either day which is a bit of a shame. Cycled back to Dalwhinnie, and late boat home. Remaining hills all now North West of Great Glen.

Photo of Route