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Elation and eviction at Sea Area Malin

Date: 18/08/12
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Marty and I went to Malin, and abbed down to look at the security of a big block on 'Rum Ration' that we climbed a few weeks ago.  While I was at the bottom, the landowner turned up and evicted us!  I understood he had no problem with recreational users of his land, as he was intending to promote it through an Ap.  I went to see him at the house, and while he was somewhat molified,  he was unsure whether he would continue to permit walkers or climbers on his land.  I emailed him, and it would appear he is disallusioned with the lack of support for his project, mainly locally, and he now requires anyone wishing to climb on the land that includes Sea Area Malin and Uncle Monty's to contact him for permission.  I will put his email address in the on line guide book.  Ditto for any written publication!!

Oh yes, Elation! We went up to the Cauldron, where Marty led a very fine VS4c 'Razorbill'  but sadly we didnt have time to do Trevor's suberb looking Infinity and Beyond'  probably the *** classic of Malin and maybe rivaling Forked Lightning for Inishowen!  Wont know till Ive done it!  Cant wait.

22 Aug 2012

Crap I was hoping to get up to see what you boys have been up to. Pity to see more access problems about Innishowen :( But good work on all the new climbs. The topos look class, not bad for a bunch of 'auld' lads :)

23 Aug 2012

Still plenty to spend a weekend on in the cauldron alone and an email may yet get permission for areas to the West. There is little yet done East of Malin Laundry

Photo of Route