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Date: 8th to 10th Aug 2012
Submitted by: Guillame LeClerc-Gigot
Self, Alan, Valli and Valli's friend to Owey on above dates. Weather was perfect and, well, we kayaked and climbed in a kind of earthly nirvana. Got 6 new routes on Torglass stack/islet, Valli and Alan circumnavigated the island by kayak and we feasted on fresh caught mackerel and sea beet. On the last day Alina, Valli's mate, did her first ever 2 rock climbs, ably led by Alan; keep it up and she's a star in the making. Home again all to soon. An unbeatable experience. See online guide book for new climb details. 

23 Aug 2012
G. LeClerc-Gigot

I should have added that the inestimable boatman, Dan Betty, joined us at our campfire for a spot of kilfudyoking, a Scottish dialect word meaning 'fireside chat': I have been seeking an opportunity to use this word for over 30 years. This most charming man even supplied us most liberally with wine, a pleasure I had to forgo as I only ever drink while driving or operating heavy machinery.