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Leenan Head

Date: Sun 9/09/12
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

Trevor and I travelled to Leenan Head to see what there was. The rock was rather uninspiring looking and rather fortunately the drizzle decided a visit to Culdaff was sensible. The visit was useful however.

A stake(s) would be useful/necessary

The actual grid ref of the crag is 296445. That given in the guide would require an exceptionally low tide.

The rock may be uninspiring but the fort is well worth a visit. In WW1 its guns protected the deep water anchorage of Lough Swilly. Various internet sites have said that it (unlike other local sites) was built post Napoleonic era but I suspect that it was soon after this as the moat is clearly pre automatic weapons and the recoil rings in the gun embrasures are designed for smaller canon than would have been there in WW1. The fort was handed over by the British  in the 1930s.

Photo of Route