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Good Day On Black Rocks

Date: Sunday 23/09/12
Submitted by: Evelyn O'Brien

Another highly enjoyable day out at Malin Head with Alan. We started off with some great scrambling and Alan showed me Razorbill  - a fabulous looking line recently put up by Alan and Marty. Unfortunately waves were crashing about 1/3 of the way up this so, another time. After this we did an easy but pleasant Diff; don't know whether Alan will bother recording this or not. I spotted an interesting (but short) looking line up a little unclimbed crag and it turned out to be well worth doing: quite steep and technical.  About Hard Severe, we thought. Alfie, your opinion would be appreciated. We finished off on Laurentic, a superb and long single pitch Severe. A joy to climb.

As Margaret was at home, dutifully cooking dinner (thanks Mags, delicious), Alan gave me a quick seeing-to on the cliff top: a perfect way to end a splendid day.  

25 Sep 2012

You must be a favoured person for sure, I've climbed a fair bit with Alan and it never went beyond tongues!

26 Sep 2012

It was Marty wot led Razorbill. Would like to do it from the bottom, but time is running out this year I fear.

27 Sep 2012

Favourable comment for Laurentic in the guide perchance?

Photo of Route