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Submitted by: Kazuo Boyd

Many climbers will be aware of the enormous nuisance caused by seabirds to the climbing community, particularly during the nesting season. One useful method of dealing with this problem is , quite simply, to eat the offending creatures. Many thanks to Martin McGuigan for the recipe below which need not be confined to Gannets but can be adapted to any seabird.


Harvest gannet chicks while still on the nest, preferably just before their first flight.

Kill by any means you care to choose (slowly?).

Pluck, behead and remove feet. Leave intestines in situ.

Boil in lightly salted water for 10 min. Drain well.  

Boil plenty of malt vinegar with usual pickling spices - black pepper corns, bay leaves etc. 

Stuff as many  chicks as possible into previously sterilised large Kilner jars and cover with the boiling vinegar mixture. 

Leave in a cool, dark place at least 6 months before sampling.


24 Sep 2012
Martin Mc Guigan

I would like to let everyone know that I have nothing to do with the above writing and that I find it very distasteful and offensive. It’s the latest in the log book report “Skildren Mor” and so I will say goodbye for the third and final time to CCC and to the person who is ashamed to use their own name.

24 Sep 2012

I'm a great believer in freedom of speech and I have always been very reluctant to censor anything that has been submitted to this website. The password required to add content is available only to climbers associated with the club and it has always been possible to submit text under a non-de-plume, but this freedom has not been abused in the past. In this case, I don't know who wrote the "report", nor whether it was really Martin who replied. I've been responsible for some wind-ups myself, but it annoys me that someone wants to hide behind the anonymity I have provided - in good faith - to make hurtful personal attacks. I'll say no more, because I'm no longer a club member, but I hope Martin will accept my apology; and that the culprit will also apologise.

25 Sep 2012
Bill Magowan

Come on Marty, advise yourself! You must have known it was me, surely? I apologise without reservation. If it helps, I will resign rather than you, eh?

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