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Date: Sunday 7 Oct 2012
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

Not for the first time Trevor and I met at Dunseverick. For the first time in living memory (two weeks with onsetting Alzheimers!) the sea was calm (relatively), it was warm (relatively) and the crag was busy (relatively) (((OK so that was a lie of course))).

We did "Covenanter". The one with his arse closest to the ground found the crux to be the initial slab. Trevor found it to be the top slab.

Then we did "Slithery Zawn Left Hand". It was consistantly out of my reach most of the way up but both of us agreed that the piece most out of reach was going round the overhang.

Next we did "Ishmails Nemisis" and the crux for Trevor came as he  tried to belay while laughing at me belly flopping up the route. My crux was trying to avoid the Japanese and Norwegian whaling fleets that were anchored offshore. I would like to enter this as being momentous as I placed the following pieces of gear with no necessessity what so ever.

1x Camelot Size 5

!1x Camelot Size 4

1x Friend Size 4

1x Friend Size 3.5

1x Friend Size 3

Relieved of the weight, Trevor did ATM and we both found the crux to be where you cunningly used your knee and invoked the ancient magical spell, "Fugitohshitfugit"

We finished up with "Fat Lass Frolics" but starting up the very worthwhile "Pourquoispas". Trevor and I both found ropework to be the crux.

See you next week

08 Oct 2012

Good work Alfie. Youse lads give Dunseverick a queer seein to.

Photo of Route