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Date: 11-18 Feb 2013
Submitted by: Alan
Me an the line manager had a few days in Barcelona, tapas an' stuff.  But we took the train up to the monastery at Montserrat, for entirely religious reasons you understand.  Co-incidentally, there are mountains in the area, and even better,( guess what?), the monastery is half way up one of them.  You don't even have to walk, as there is a teleferique, a funicular (in fact three of them) and busses, to ferry us pilgrims closer to god.  We booked into the wee hotel, and between masses, floggings and fasts, we did a bit of walking and scrambling.  The forest of conglomerate pillars, with an intricate network of paths weaving between, gives great days out, photographic opportunities, and opportunities to get temporarily mislaid for the unwary, (and all an hours train ride from Barcelona).  Met Gerry O'Suillebhain and co at Aldergrove airport, just back from Scotland, with George.  Any chance a report?

21 Feb 2013

Nice going, Alan & Line Manager. From what I've seen of the place - let alone the climbing - it's well worth the pilgrimage. When do you go back for some climbing? You also follow in the footsteps of another pioneer of Donegal climbing: Harold Drasdo was out there some decades previously and got the first British repeat of one of the lines there; with his wife.

Photo of Route