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The Croc An Affrain Bog

Date: 24 Feb 2013
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

I went to check this  crag out this morning. It took no longer to get to than Malin Head does and Vasco the dog apreciated the walk.

There seems to be a huge amount of virgin rock so all we need is some warm dry weather.

While looking at other spots the frozen ground gave way and I was left knee deep in very wet and very cold peat. Luckily Vasco engaged 4 paw drive and pulled me out. It was time to drive home to watch the Scotland/Ireland rugby match. Vasco should have left me in the bog.


25 Feb 2013

Vasco should play for Ireland, he must have citizenship by now!

25 Feb 2013

He would not get selected because he can catch a ball; he did not play 10 years ago and he takes his opportunities.

Photo of Route