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Mucking about on Muckish

Date: 28 & 30th March
Submitted by: Des O'Connor

Day 1- Got a phone call from Iain at 8.30 on thursday morning telling me to "get down here". I'd seen Iain's blog about Kevin & Patrick out on Muckish, so I was planning to head-in anyway to shake of the work blues :). I met him at top of miner's path, he was buzzing after coming off a route so I quickly donned the poons & axes. I ramped up the left side of Y Gully and kept it as steep as I dared considering it was just me and the mountain (Iain had to head back). There can't be nothing better than soloing a G1/2 gully !!!. I was on short-time so I scooted up & down to the summit a few times from the back of the miners pit to finish off my "me-time".

 Day-2 - After posting on FB, my normal partner aka Shane "Cash" Taggart and another new soul [Marty McCartney] went back in on Saturday. As we approached we could see climbers coming up out onto the snow bank from The Funnell - we didn't get a chance to catch up, only later to find out it was the 3 Amigos - Columba, Alan & Marty, also out playing in the snow :)

We just went for the rights side of Y Gully and as much messing about on shorter stuff as we could [no rack/rope] etc just out for the craic. I'm no Kevin McGee so no G5's for me just yet.

 Hoping to head to Mournes Thur & Fri with Les to finish out a great week :) 


04 Apr 2013

Des, there haven't been any grade V's for me either.

05 Apr 2013

Des, What are Poons? Kind of think that it may be something that the middle aged wear to dinner parties? Iain

06 Apr 2013

Mr Miller - Im certain that I first heard you coin that phrase - which fits the bill well, middle-aged etc :)

Photo of Route