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Small Crag, Fairhead

Date: Saturday 13th April 2013
Submitted by: Les Ross
The meets list said we should go to Fairhead, so George and I decided to have a look. On arrival at the Small Crag the sun was out and it looked promising. George led off first and we ticked a few routes as the weather got a bit more dodgy, the East wind had a Siberian smell. Unsurprisingly a VS can feel a bit tricky when you can't feel your hands or feet; though George preferred to look on the bright side and decided that the icy updraft had shaved a grade off the final route.
We dodged over to the Prow where there was magnificent shelter. George led a couple more routes in good style before horizontal rain appeared and we fled for Sean's car park.
Nice to be out, Fairhead is always a treat.

Photo of Route