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Wales, Dales,Lakes and Coopers.

Date: April 2013
Submitted by: Alan Tees


Its a rare honour to be one of the token males at a 'weemin with altitude' dinner, but Karl, Calvin and myself survived, and indeed enjoyed the experience in Glendalough, but it was to be an early start in the morning as we were for the 8.20 ferry to Holywood, no Holyhead..

It was almost as miserable in Wales, but we sat the Sunday out in Betwys y Coed, and Monday was better, so I shot up the North ridge of Tryfan while Margaret stayed in the van to recuperate from a dose of the cold. In the afternoon she was well enough to go mt biking in Coed y Brenin with me, and we overnighted in Bala.  Geoff had recommended the Quifry Ridge on Cadair Idris (deliberate misspelling, honest Geoff) but there was this hurricane, see!  We went up the tourist route at the back of a big lake, for the shelter, see?  Then we went to see the Coopers at  Bank y Darren (the financial area of Aberistwith I presumed).   Strangely and amazingly enough they have found the Welsh equivalent of Glengad, and seem to be entirely at home, the girls have lots of friends, Sheila is into her last year at college now, and Peter seems to be (at last) making progress with his leg injury.  It was lovely to see them all, and we had a great night altogether, with Peter, Sheila and the local community, of which they are now very much part.  Mucho Vino Drunko!  Still recovering, but at least Sheila was in the same boat.

Wednesday, we travelled to Ludlow to spend a couple of days with Pam and Paul Probst, then on to Yorkshire Dales on Friday.  Saturday we did Pen Y Ghent (a nice mountain, and the best of the three peaks) and Sunday Chris and I did a red mountain bike route of 13 miles in Gisburn forest, Bowland- Awesome!

Monday, we were up in the Howgills, and Tuesday the Lakes, combining fell walking and biking, and Wednesday we came home!

Peter and Sheila have donated a pair of size 5 Scarpas, worn but sound.  Anyone need a pair, let me know. I will bring em to the Climbfest. 

30 Apr 2013
Peter Cooper

Nice report Alan, it was great to see you and Margaret. I'm with you on Pen-y-Ghent, it is the best of the three and I've been up quite a few times; though not since emigrating from my beloved Yorkshire. There are some great climbs on it too, it has some lovely three-starred routes. Sounds like a great trip.

Photo of Route