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The Thorfinn Skullsplitter Experience

Date: Sunday 9 June 2013
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

Having had a great day at Malin Head on the Saturday, Trevor believed me when I said that I had a way to top it. (His 1st mistake)

Sunday morning saw him getting into my car where I changed our destination from the five finger strand beach to a trailer park  North of our objective. He believed me when I said that it would be quicker (2nd mistake?)

From our parking place we scrambled South around the coast to below a slab at the start of a ridge. I had checked out this slab two Winters ago and indeed it was solid. I had looked at the ridge last Winter from Doagh; it had looked stunning. With me waxing lyrically, Trevor volunteered to take on the first pitch (3rd mistake?)

Needless to say, the solid rock ended as soon as Trevor moved over a small overhang. Above it could be described as quality rock that was sadly not attached to the hillside.

Trip over.

Historical Note

I had been researching about Trawbreega bay (awesome sand dunes but thats another story). Thorfinn Skullsplitter was King of Orkney and raided the area with 100 longships in the 13th century.

From this its obvious that Mr Millar is not the first Orcadian pillager of Donegal!

(To pillage;- To clamber up steep rocks, often after scary open boat journeys. (source   Afie Conn's Bumper Book of Bullshit))

12 Jun 2013

Nice one Gents, I think I know where your were looking at above the 5 finger strand, been meaning to get back up there for a nosey for a while but by the sounds of things you have saved me a trip. Good effort for trying and not getting your skull split :)

12 Jun 2013
Alfie Conn

Where we were looking was starting at grid 412540

17 Jun 2013

Was walking there again yesterday. Have never seen anything worth doing, but I have been wrong before! Then took Fergus and Gertrude up Alfies 'Lizard Edge' excursion. Most impressed! Three star day out, and probably the best of its type in the county.

Photo of Route