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Dalkey Quarry Visit

Date: 7th July 2013 (Several Days)
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

 Day 1: The sun was belting down so Noel, Grainne, Fionnuala and Me went to Dalkey Quarry for a wee play. To keep the children happy we started off on Winder's Crack (Mod) and they had fun climbing and abseiling on this. However, this climb gave Noel and myself a wee play on Winder's Slab (HS) and also a top rope play on Bird Brain (E6) and on Paul's Edge (HVS).

 After this we wet over to Easy Gully and I set up a belay position and the girl's had good fun on it. Both did very well and make the climb look easy. Youtube Video:

 After this it was over to the Paradise Lost for a wee play. Grainne got good belaying experience and I got a nice climb on Paradise Lost (VDiff). YouTube Video:


Day 2: I drove back to Dublin and Noel and me went for some more quality play time. To warm up we Climbed Winder's Slab (HS) and then Noel made a good lead of the short but very enjoyable 'Little Wing' (E1). I struggled but eventually made a clean go of it. Noel wanted a go at Paul's Edge (HVS). We topped Roped for this but Noel made a good climb on a very slack rope. Surprisingly, I did a clean job of it too. However, even though I did not need a tight rope, at any stage, I doubt if I would lead it. maybe this will change???

 Nothing would do Noel but he wanted a very slack but Top Rope on 'Bird Brain' (E6) an aptly named climb on micro dots. However, there is one area that your rock shoes just don't adhere to the rock and Noel had to take the rest in 'Winder's Crack'. I was saving my energy for later.

 We then went to the Majhonng Slab. I soloed the 1st part of Paradise lost and down climbed the tail end of 'Gardner's Joy'. Then we both climbed 'Levitation' (HS). Then, it was on to 'Majhonnng' (VS). I last led this about 4 years ago but on this occasion I really struggled with the low crux.

We finished the day with a wee look at the 'Eliminate Wall'.


Day 3: I had to drive back to Donegal so we opted for a short day. The Eliminate Wall seemed to offer the best choice. Initially we messed about on the lower slab (see attached photo of Noel). Eliminate 'A' (VDiff) is a brilliant climb but lacks any protection until you reach the obvious crack line. Definitely deserves its stars. Noel then tackled Eliminate 'A' Dash (VS). Poorly protected. Following this we were fully pumped and went for a look at the 'Jameison 10' Wall. Definitely on the cards for our next visit.



Photo of Route