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Return to Dunseverick

Date: Sunday 4 August 2013
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

A combination of a bad back, abortive trips elsewhere and visits to Dominic's tea van at Malin Head meant it was a while since visiting my spiritual home.

I had a couple of projects to see if they were dry but Saturday night rain had ensured I would not be using my camalot 5 in anger.

A quick trot up "Secondhand" and then Trevor looked at an arete left of "Molten Lava" Luckily he redirected himself to the crack which is glorious if you can jam.

I then tumbled off the arete right of "Scorpion" but quick action by Trevor saved me from a watery grave. I redirected myself to the crack and acted like a chimney sweep up the final chimney that was full of spiders' webs.

Photo of Route