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The Lost World by Alfie Connan Doyle

Date: 22/9/2013
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

Our colleague Jules had been to the centre of the world and H Wells had travelled on his time machine so Trevor and I felt we had to do something adventurous as well. Reports that people had successfully found the elusive "Sunset Boulevard" had filtered through to us and so we decided to do the first Limavady/Portstewart ascent.

We were equipped superbly with a (nearly) new horseless carriage, boots designed specially by Lord Wellington and a magic yellow box that would beep when we got near.

We parked the carriage near a group of mud huts, smoke curled up from the natives' fires as we trekked, without porters, up through the oppressive rain forest. A faint hunter's track lead us to a clearing. Here the magic yellow box could speak to the gods in heaven above but not enough gods were free. Trevor tried using ancient spells. "Work you B*****d, work". We knew we were close.

After two forays into the steep sided jungle we think we found the source of the three stars but suffering from malaria, (well sleeping sickness anyway) and starvation, we retreated to other things.

The next expedition will hopefully succeed.

30 Sep 2013

Hmmm, getting literary are we? Now let me see.....

07 Oct 2013

There's a literary masterpiece in there somewhere. There are high expectations for a more elaborate 2nd chapter in the 'Feeney' style of contemporary literature.

Photo of Route