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Date: 13/10/13
Submitted by: Bill

Malin Head again. Alan, Alfie , Trevor and me. Started off on a good route called Vagakallen, don't know why. I managed to dislodge a small fridge sized block to the consternation of a dive boat taking photos below - Alfie said he wasn't aware a RIB could go so fast in reverse. 

After this two new routes, one lead by Alan (After Eights & Cheese Slices - don't ask) and the other by Trevor. Both chimney style endeavours. 

Finally a new start to Malin Head Case, lead again by Alan, and a superb route in its own right as an escape is easy after this first pitch. About HS, just for a change.

Great weather and another great day.  

23 Oct 2013

Aye, the block, I should've gone right like the last time but my memory isn't what it used to be. It looked loose so I left it alone. Rocket scientist Bill elected to layback it! I was climbing rubbish to begin with (continuing where I left off with Marty) then I went back to my old 5.10s and it all changed and I was back to my old mediocre self. Anyone want to buy a pair of Red(blue in this case) Hot Chillis 44.5, which just don't do it for my feet.

Photo of Route