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Crummie's Bay

Date: 17 November 2013
Submitted by: Endo P. Reticulum

Went to the much maligned Crummie's Bay (more correctly, Portshinnagh) and, dismayed by the horrid weather, failed to climb anything; unlike the intrepid Alan and Trevor who succeeded in putting up a new V. Diff, 'Two Thran Glypes'. There remains much potential here and it's unstable character is overstated.

While Alan and Trevor climbed I sat in a cave and gently wept.  

25 Nov 2013
Alfie Conn

I gather that the weeping was none too gentle. Mind you, I had refused to leave the house. Reports of Crumbly Bay have suggested its advocates may be less stable than the rock.

25 Nov 2013
Thran Glype

Ah reports! Advocates tend, at least, to have been there, (however unstable they may appear to be).

26 Nov 2013

Fair one Alan, I mean fair one Thran. Incidentally, its good to see the use of Ulster-Scots in route names.

Photo of Route