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No Vember, No Climbing, No Way.

Date: 24th November 2013
Submitted by: Thran Glype
A rejuvenated Marty, and I, were joined at Malin by Alfie, Trevor and Geoff.  Marty had plans! While we identified the routes at Knobble Amplifier, Marty set up a spectacular abseil down a big cliff he named the 'Bow', belayed to some bits of shelving.  No one seemed inclined to follow him, except Trevor, who also seconded him up a new 45m V,Diff called Dipper, ( named after a bird, not a Baptist).  It looks a grand route, and I look forward to doing it (in the dry).   Shamed into doing something at this stage,  Geoff and I did" Poor Claire in the Corner"  One of Bill's routes which he didn't rate, but we both thought it was a great V.Diff worthy of a star ( Geoff said two!).  Marty was still hyper, so he opted for Washboard Wall, which put manners in him, (for a while), as he struggled to find gear. He was seconded by Trevor and Geoff on this VS 4a, and all were agreed that this is a super route, but should be 4b. Trevor went up 'Poor Claire' followed by Marty, while I took pics of Laundry West, and we all ended up in Marty's van for a beer.  Great to be out in November, and glad I wasn't watching Ireland.  Heartbreak!!

26 Nov 2013

Sound like a great day, so sorry I missed it; misery compounded by watching Ireland's misfortune.

26 Nov 2013

Glad I did see the match. Despite loosing it was probably the best Ireland performance of all time. Nearly beating the best team ever! As long as we repeat it against England. Sorry, is this a climbing or rugby website?

Photo of Route