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Pre Christmas Meet

Date: 14th/15th December 2013
Submitted by: George Carleton

After meeting in Churchill; Geoff, Alan and I drove to the top entrance to Glenveagh on the Lough Barra road.

There had been high winds and driving rain through the day but luckily by the time we were walking in at about 10pm the weather had settled, leaving a clear moon light night and a pleasant stroll to the hut where Valli, Ivan and Owey joined us a couple of hours later.

The hut was more comfortable than I was expecting being dry, clean and having an open fire. We sat around the hearth enjoying the fire, talking and imbibing a variety of alcoholic beverages into the wee small hours. Ivan’s Czech moonshine being the favourite tasting like Christmas distilled in a glass.

The wind had picked up again during the night and with the occasional spells of driving rain we decided a walk to the coffee shop at the Castle would be the best option for the day’s activities.

On the walk up the valley back to the vehicles we eyed up the crags on the western side and the potential for new route that lay waiting to be discovered. 

Photo of Route