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Eglish. Chilly apiece

Date: 12-13 March 2014
Submitted by: Bill
To Eglish with Alan T. Great first day excepting horrid walk in (not long, but tussocks, hags, pipes, streams, glar etc. etc.). We got Incy Wincy on way in, a perfect slab we couldn't pass (955 844) and on arrival explored a previously unclimbed buttress, now designated Emelyn Buttress (957 889). This gave us Gift Aid and Philanthropist - see online guide. Finished off with Twp Paghals and a Spraghal, excellent route - A. Tees and V. Russel. Stashed gear for return the following day - a mistake: conditions as per photo. Home. Still plenty more to do. 

21 Mar 2014
Alfie Conn

So much to do, so little dry weather.

09 Apr 2014

Back up there again yesterday. Baltic, but managed a lovely 40m slab route on the way up, called- (Wait for it)- 'I'll thcweem, and I'll thwceem, and I'll thcweem, till I'm thick'. Alfie, name the author.....? (Iain Miller eat your heart out!)

09 Apr 2014

Love the name Alan! Damn fine route too :)

Photo of Route