Route Number: 1410

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Location: Happy Valli Crag
Grade: S  
Length: 12m
First ascent: Martin Daly & Brendan Proctor 4th November 2006
Route Description:

Above & behind the main crag there is a band of rock. At the left-hand end there is a freestanding pinnacle. The route takes a crack line on the left side of the pinnacle. Climb the crack to an overhang. Climb this, first on the left and then step back into the crack. Follow to top. Scramble off with care.

Photo of Route
Watchtower, H.Valli Crag

Alan Tees - 24/03/2009
Nice wee tech route, consistant grade. 4a OK 23/03/09

Alan Tees - 24/03/2009
Sorry wrong route. V.Diffish this one! Thought Western Corridor was 4a!(OK maybe top end!)

Chris McDaid - 11/06/2007
FA's should read Brendan Proctor & Martin Daly. Cheers

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