New Wall Takes Shape

With over two years of construction, many false starts and goodness knows how many hours of planning, discussion and specifying, the new wall at St Columb’s Park is finally taking shape. With only the holds to be added, – about 1800 have been ordered, the ‘Foyle Arena’ as we must learn to call it, is very nearly ready to welcome the first climbers.
The climbing wall is the central part of the massive new complex that includes two swimming pools, a cafe and a (very) large hall. The wall has a monstrously overhanging competition wall on one side and a vertical wall on the other side. Under the large window that gives loads of natural light there’s a dedicated, mega steep bouldering area. Some of the wall can be seen from the car park but you really have to go inside to really get the feel of it.
The plan is to have two MI nights a week for members, but there will be open access at all times the centre is open, 7.00am to 10.00pm apparently. Alpine starts anyone! With only a few weeks left I for one can’t wait until it opens, probably first week of April, but I’ll just have too! The only thing we wait to know is how much entry will cost but I’m sure it’ll be reasonable.
I’m sure the way the wall is highly visible from the café and reception bay windows will attract lots of people to ‘come and try it’ sessions and so we can look forward to lots of new members. I’m certain this wall will transform climbing in the North West, Donegal and beyond.
Lastly, a big thanks to Rodney and Paul Who have put an extraordinary amount of time into getting this project built.
There are more photos in the gallery but they have gone to the second page somehow.

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