Achill Haggis

With everyone arrived the weekend started with a club meeting over a few pints of the black stuff. Starry skies over Achill promised a good day ahead.
An early morning round of golf was called off due to sheep on the course, so we headed to Lough Acorrymore reservoir, planning a days hike over Croaghaun and out to Achill Head.
After skirting the lough to the west and rising to the corrie above we split into 2 groups. One headed for the summit up the back slope of the corrie, passing the wreckage of a crashed airplane enroute. The other group enjoyed some good scrambling up the rocky flank of the buttress on the north side of the corrie. (Good call Alan.) Both groups came together to summit Croaghaun (688m) and enjoy the spectacular views afforded by the good weather (For January).
Pushing SW along the clifftop we summited the SW peak (664m) and after lunch descended the steep slope to the col between Croaghaun and Benmore. A short hike uphill to the NW brought us the the start of Achill Head. Although windy, the scrambling and views out & back along Achill Head ridge was well worth it. A hike along the top of Benmore cliffs and descent to Keem Bay finished off a great days walk.
In the evening the Haggis was toasted by Dennis and then drowned by one and all, accompanied by the musical talents of Gerry and Alan.
A wet Sunday morning prevented much else other than a short walk to see the 8th wonder of the world, Achill Henge.
Great weekend in a beautiful place and I’ll definitely be back.


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