MI AGM Weekend

We were represented by our chair, Geoff, Dennis, Gerry, Margaret, Maeve, Valli, Ivan, Maeve was elected to the MI board, congratulations to her, as CCC continues to punch well above its weight in the national mountaineering scene (I was kicked out).

Saturday was dry, but the crag at Happy Valli was wet (no wonder after the winter) so we top roped 4 routes. As well as Geoff, Valli, Ivan and self, we had 2 from the Hanging Rockers, who had never climbed outside before. Geoff was convinced they would be put off it for life, but they were made of sterner stuff, and really enjoyed it (so much they are coming to the climbfest). Karl Boyle (MI CEO) also climbed, and was hugely impressed by both the crag, and Valli’s hospitality during the rugby match. In fact he was quite hard to shift out of Valli’s kitchen and back to the MI meet. Happy Valli has now a powerful friend. Martin and Mary joined the party.

There was the usual dinner and stuff, and the AGM and workshops in the morning, and in the afternoon we did King’s Gully, yet again, in the wet. Always worth doing.

Finbarr joined the party. On Monday, we went up Glenade, behind Eagle Rocks, a lovely walk in lovely conditions. A very spectacular place with huge cliffs, I’ll post a couple of pics. Spotted a really dramatic place for a tent, with a abseil descent. Look out for Extreme Camping coming to a website near you!

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