AGM 2014

Minutes of the AGM 2014 @ Corcreggan Mill, Dunfanaghy, 11th October 2014.

Present were Dennis, Sandra, Keith, Margaret, Kevin, George, PJ, Anthony, Niall, Damien, Valli, Ivan, Helen, Martin, Geoff and Alan.

The chair, Geoff, welcomed all to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Sam, Alfie , Bill, Cliona, Les, Columba, Seamus, Gertrude , Andrew, Gerry, and Maeve.

The secretary’s report was read ( see attached).

The treasurer’s report (see attached) revealed that we made a loss of over £400 this year due to the Climbfest, but that we still have a healthy bank balance. Alan pointed out that the major item of expenditure was production of the buffs, but we have about 50% of them left, and can use them next year and recover our outlay. This is a normal occurrence with the Climbfest. Dennis advised that the MI subscription would be £21.30 PA and the cost to the club of a member £4. It was suggested that the sub be set for £25 full membership, £4.00 for associate, and this was agreed.

Election of Officers.

The existing officers were re-elected.

Chair ,Geoff. Proposed Margaret, Seconded Keith.

Secretary ,Alan. Proposed. Anthony, Seconded Valli

Treasurer, Dennis. Proposed Margaret, Seconded PJ

Also elected were Margaret (Environmental officer), Maeve (training officer) and PJ ( Child protection officer).

New Climbing Wall.

Geoff reported that the wall was ahead of schedule, and that the actual climbing structure was currently being assembled off site by ‘Walltopia’. It will be an international standard competition wall, and a centre of excellence for climbing, wrestling and judo. Keith suggested that the club should have some sort of electronic photomontage at the wall to attract new members. Geoff to look into it. Geoff advised that coaches were required for the wall, and that appropriate training will be given.

Meets list 2014.

Alan suggested that the monthly meets in 2013 worked reasonably well, as many of them piggybacked on events that members would be going to anyway! (eg MI spring meet, Climbfest, Island midsummer trip, Alpine Meet etc). However, if some prospective new member contacted us to go climbing, our meets were so well spaced, and often remote, that it was difficult to offer something convenient for them. With a new source of members coming from St Columbs Park, we need some additional structure within our activities to deal with this. Alan suggested local midweek outings during May and June, and he would be prepared to organise them. Geoff said he would be happy to help.

It was suggested that we utilize a possible climbing wall site inspection in early December to include a Christmas dinner somewhere in Derry. PJ and Anthony to liaze with Geoff and organise.

A winter weekend in January was proposed, and Johnny Sharkeys Eglish cottage agreed as a good venue. The winter trip to be with the MI winter Meet in Onich, probably February.

Climbfest 2015.

Alan’s suggestion that we base the Climbfest at the new wall in Derry received little support, and the meeting agreed that the Climbfest should be in Culdaff again, using the St Columb’s Wall as a wet weather alternative. Anthony proposed that we take a Saturday at the wall prior to the Climbfest both to promote the club, and to invite the indoor wallies to our event.

Thank you to Pete Smith. Bill’s suggestion was unanimously agreed. Anthony also suggested that Andrew’s hosting fees for the new website plus his club membership should be met out of funds. This was agreed, and appreciation expressed to Andrew for all his work.

Other Business

AGM 2015 to be held in a pub in Derry.

The Lonastone was awarded to George, for his hugely successful week in the Alps.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 7.45, followed by a meal, and a slideshow entitled ‘Ireland and Irish Mountaineers’.

Alan Tees

Secretary 13/10/2014

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