St Columb’s Wall Update

Building of the new facility at St Columb’s Park, which will house the climbing wall, is well under way (photo below).


The opening date is currently scheduled for March 2015, with the climbing wall installation planned for November/December this year. Depiction of what wall might possibly look like is below (note CCC classic practices of soloing, and abseiling on ropes that are too short).

View_6_Climbing_Hall share

Here are a couple of other photos of what the wall will look like, thanks to Paul Dunlop for passing them on.

wall1 wall2

2 thoughts on “St Columb’s Wall Update”

  1. By Paul Dunlop
    Hi all
    As some of you know Geoff has been involved with the participation aspect of the new Climbing in Derry wall which is now is well under way. So here is an update for your AGM.

    Currently the building is ahead of schedule but the planned opening is for March 2015 which is only 6 months away. Walltopia were awarded the contract to install the new wall which will be really good and includes everything a climbing club needs for training, socialising with fellow members and the new facility is a great opportunity for the club members to raise climbing standards, grow membership and become sustainable. Walltopia are planning to install the new wall in November/December time so by the new year we will be able to get a look at what the facility will be like. It would be great if the club would put the wall use on your agenda and feed any ideas you have to Geoff for how you see yourselves using the new facility…which some of you may remember from an AGM I attended many moons ago was built to help support your club!

  2. Fantastic idea of what the new wall will look like. Thanks for passing them on Paul.
    I also have some info on courses coming up for those in the club interested in being a coach (i.e. instructor/helper in old money!).

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