Owey June 21

Owey Island. 2021 Midsummer camping, Kayaking and climbing trip.

Blessed were we with the weather this year. On Friday morning, Dan collected our gear (and Margaret) and Valli, Ivan and I kayaked across to the island.  After a leisurely morning Ivan and I climbed in the Black Spink, I led Kobatron, a nice severe, then Bikini Bottom, a sandbag at HS, nearer 4c we thought, then Ivan led the route that I thought was a first ascent last year, which turned out to be a variation of An Finka Dink E1 5c.  This has a harder start (which we avoided, as we started a bit higher) but goes left of the crux crack of An Finka Dink to finish with Kobatron. I called it something beginning with Bh….

Andrew and Laura joined us in the evening, then Anthony, PJ, Nigel, and surprisingly Marty (in his electric kayak) in the morning.  We top roped Norkapp as a warm up, 400K, then did the usual paddle for those who hadn’t done it before.  After lunch, 6 of us had a grand tango* on ‘Taming the Dragon’, a spectacular Diff on an accessible sea stack (*or tangle perhaps more appropriate). 

Margaret took photos from the cliff top.

Back to the Black Spink for a final route or two sans PJ, Anthony and Nigel, (who had got lost on the 10 minute walk).  Marty led Bh seconded by Laura and Andrew dragged me and Ivan up Kobatron again.  Beer, barby, and bed before dawn.  The highlight being the mackerel donated by Charles and wonderfully cooked on the fire by Valli, and of course Marty’s singing, duly accompanied by me on bouzouki, usually in a different key.

In the morning there was talk of a big wind a comin, so a hasty departure was made to Cruit.

Thanks again to our great friend Dan, ever the gentleman, who did everything he could for us.

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