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Log Entry TitleSubmitted ByDate
Santa Dads at climbing wall marty 13th Dec
The Interesting Case of the Va Alan Tees 27/12/05
Wet and Dirty Lights up Lough Pete Smith 18th December 2005
Wet 'n' Dirty - not Rocky Gap Bill LeClerc-Gigot Sunday 04/12/05
IBL and Gresham Slide show rodders 3rd dec 2005
Mission Improbable AlanTees 27/11/05
Fornicating Flies Alan Tees 21/11/05
Santa abseiling in Strabane Martin Mc Guigan 19th Nov 05
Wall rodders 08/Nov/2005
Soaked Rodders 31/10/05
Recent Welsh Stuff Peter Cooper October 2005
Apologies and Apuan Alps,Tusca Alan Tees 8th-14th October 2005
Tryfan Trauma (2nd instalment) Anthony Feeney 23rd October 2005
The Lakes Alan Tees 22nd & 23rd Oct.
Pete Smith Hangs up Nuts After Cymru Correspondent 22/23rd October 2005
Huge Crowd at St Columb's Wall Pete Smith 18th October 2005
Climbing Wall rodders
MCI October Weekend Alan Tees 1/10/05 & 2/10/05
Week end in The Lake District Martin Mc Guigan 23,to 25. Sep,05
Colmcille minors at Port a Dor Alan Tees 24/09/05
Barnanmore (The Minch) Columba McLaughlin 28th July 2005
Tired and Emotional Alan Tees 12 th Sept. (Monday)
Indoor Climbing Wall Martin Mc Guigan 13 09 05
Sea Area Malin Alan Tees Monday 5th Sept.
Rodders at Dunmore again! Rodders 4th September 2005
Warm Bay Crowds Gather Pete Smith 3rd Sept 2005
All quiet out there? Alan Tees Monday 29th Aug.
Bunratti Pillar Rodders 20 August 2005
Four go to Galavoir Pete Smith 16th August 2005
The Eleven Bens Alan Tees 13th & 14th August.
Eisenhower Tower Martin Mc Guigan July 05
Crag X in the Rain Pete Smith 10th August 2005
Small Fry! Alan Tees Sunday 7th Aug.
Fairhead Rodders 08/08/05
Barefoot Ozzie hits Dunmore Alan Tees 3/08/05
Changes Yorks Corrspondent
Where is he now (clue "eh up l Yorkshire Correspondent
"Without a Paddle" Alan Tees 1/08/05
Canadian Rockies Alan Tees July 2005
Another quick trip to Dunmore Rodders 23 July 2005
Sunday Afternoon at Crag X Pete Smith 24th July 2005
Quick Trip to Dunmore Pete Smith 17th July 2005
Crocanaffrain daytrip Peter Cooper 13/07/05
Malin Beg Peter Cooper 12/06/05
June Welsh Trip Columba McLaughlin 25th-27th June 2005
Yet more Crayfish Alan Tees 2/07/2005
1st Trip to Fairhead (Brian an Peter Cooper 26/06/2005
Dunseverick Alan Tees 22/06/05
Crayfish Crack etc. Alan Tees 18/06/05
Recent muckings about on Inish Peter Cooper 4,5&6th June 2005
Sirloin Slab, Lough Barra AlanTees 9/06/05
Rodders Returns to Culdaff Rodders 5th June 2005
Barnesmore turns into Dunaff H Pete Smith 1st June 2005
Pollnalong Weekend "Campi Pete Smith 28th/29th May 2005
Rather, er, Silly Newspaper Re Pete Smith 22nd May 2005
Kinnego Bay Midweek Trip Pete Smith 24th May 2005
Corrán Tuathail Outing Columba McLaughlin 13th-15th May 2005
4 Peaks Training Anthony Feeney 16th May 2005
Skye Diving ,and other activit Alan Tees 12th-14th May
Quick Visit to Dunmore Head Pete Smith 14th May 2005
Crockanaffrin - Club Trip Pete Smith 11th May 2005
Climbfest - A visitor's view Niall Browne 29th April - 2nd May
Wrinklies get out to play Alan Tees Sunday 8/05/05
Culdaff ClimbFest 2005 Columba McLaughlin 30thApr-1st May 2005
Climbfest Rodders 03/05/05
Climbfest Pete Smith 29th April - 2nd May
st columbs park Rodders 29/04/05
Colmcillers on Home Run (or st Alan Tees 23rd/24th April
Rodders at Dunmore 2 Rodders 25/04/05
Barnamore - The Minch Columba McLaughlin 26th March 2005
Rodders at Dunmore Head Rodders 24/04/05
Rodders at Kinnego Rodders 22/04/05
St. Georges Day Delights Donna Ryan 23/04/05
Rodders at Muckross rodders 16/04/05
World Tour (England and Scotl Donna Ryan 24th Mar- 10th Apr 2005
Four new routers at Crag X Pete Smith 16th April 2005
Colmcillers at Dunmore Head Pete Smith 12th April 2005
Bouldering in Moville Columba McLaughlin 20th March 2005
Rjukan, Norway trip Bill LeClerc-Gigot March 2005
Bluestacks exploration Peter Cooper 27/02/2005
Top of the League Donna Ryan 18/2/05
Three Cold Men at Port-a-Doris Pete Smith 20th Feb 2005
Storms on Malin Head Alan Tees 13/02/05
Colmciller Dashes to victory a Peter Cooper 05/02/05
Tower Ridge in Winter - Ben Ne Columba McLaughlin 27th January 2005
Letterkenny Wall trip Peter Cooper 03/02/05
Touching The Void Martin Mc Guigan 30 01 05
Big Snack by the Orange Welly Alan Tees 23/01/05
St Columb's Park Wall Session Pete Smith 21st January 2005
Gaels & Swedes Alan Tees 15th & 16th Jan. 2005

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