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Log Entry TitleSubmitted ByDate
Post Xmas antics Fat man 28-31 Dec 08
Jenga Iain Miller 28/12/08
Wassail Abseil 2008 Alan Tees 20/12/08
Arrochar Alps Keith Monaghan 9th and 10th Dec 08
My Review of 2008 Peter Cooper 2008
Sikkim Raja Nov 08
November, indeed! Iain Miller 25/11/08
A weekend's climbing in Novemb Peter Cooper 15 & 16th Nov 08
New Route on the Gullaghduffho Alan Tees 2nd November 08
Raja on Shivling and Devali me Alan Tees October o8
Wall Update Alan Tees 21/10/08
CCC Agm Alan Tees 18th October
Mullaghmore Anthony Feeney 11th September 2008
The Scottish Experience Anthony Feeney 28th September 2008
Night Nav on the Ben CCCC wantabe Oct 2008
Observatory Ridge Ben Nevis George Carleton Sunday 28th September
Raja on Elbrus Raja 16th Sept
Malin Laundry Alan Tees 21/09/08
Saas Grund, Switzerland Keith Monaghan 11 to 18 Sept 08
Tridentina, and Peter McConnel Alan Tees 16/09/08
Troglodytical Escapades Iain Miller 14/09/08
Lake Garda Summer 2008 Anthony Feeney
Fairhead George Carleton 13th Sept 2008
Realm of the Senses Iain Miller 13/09/08
Glenmore AlanTees 6th, 7th 8th Sept.
Fairhead PJ Monaghan 30th August 2008
Boys: fingers and dykes? Peter Cooper & Geoff Thomas 31/08/08
Owey, Iain Miller 23 & 24/ 08/08
The Daddy Stack Iain Miller 10/08/08
Garda Stake out. Alan Tees 4/08/08
Vertical Picnic Iain Miller 02/008/08
Matterhorn Trip Anthony Feeney July 2008
Tormore or Less Alan Tees 26/07/08
Agoraphobia Iain Miller 26/07/08
Irish Alpine Meet at Vicosopra Alan Tees July 08
Seastack 1; Humans 0 Iain Miller 20/07/08
Roadside cragging: Croc an Aff P.Cooper & V.Schafer 13/07/08
Mt Stok Kangri Andrew Tees 10/7/08
Testament to the Insane Iain Miller 09/07/08
A week in the Italian Dolomite Columba McLaughlin 2nd to 8th July 2008
Quick "Alps" tour. Keith Monaghan 17&18 June 08
Gobshites, (Loitering within t AlanTees 24/06/08
The Curved Ridge - Again Columba McLaughlin 16th June 2008
Mid Season Report rodders Various
Subterranean Pleasure Iain Miller 21/06/08
April Fool? Alan Tees April?
Panpatia Expedition, press rep Alan Tees 17th May- 14th June 2008
Should Preshent no Shignifica Iain Miller 07/06/08
Visiting Family in Donegal Ian Barton June 2008
Gola 2008 Anthony Feeney 31st May 2008
Ringside seat for grapple fans Iain Miller 02/06/08
The Whole of the Moon Iain Miller 31/05/08
Everest or bust Keith Monaghan 10 to 22 May 08
Croatia Anthony Feeney 20th May 2008
Altars of Madness Iain Miller 25/05/08
St Columba and the Shroud of T Alan Tees 5/05/08
Climbfest 2008 - Moving Up a G Anthony Feeney 3rd May 2008
Skildren Mor and Belshade Dave Millar 4th May 2008
Tory April 08 Alan Tees 26/27th April
'Hellfire and Herring' Peter Cooper 26/04/08
Beaten by Bunratti Anthony Feeney 26th April 2008
The weather Man Iain Miller 27/04/08
Cornwall and other things Alan Tees 18/04/08
Another Version Of Events George Carleton 19/04/08
Culdaff Climbfest Prep Anthony Feeney 19/04/08
Surprise first in Culdaff Michael Hassan 19/04/2008
Shaken not Shtirred. Iain Miller 20/04/08
Calorie Crimes Iain Miller 13/04/08
Excellent, Mish Moneypenny! Iain Miller 05/04/08
The raging waves and dry rock. Iain Miller 30/03/08
Dun Gloonatics AlanTees 30/04/08
No Climbing at Fairhead Anthony Feeney 29th March 2008
Scotland March 2008 Anthony Feeney 13-17 March 2008
Scotland 2008 Michael Hassan 13 - 17 March
Simon Moore Lecture Alan Tees 11/03/08
Quick climb in Glendo! Dave Millar 1st March 2008
One Winters Day Iain Miller 17 Feb 2008
Norway 2008 Sandra Kennedy Feb 2008
Fairhead 16th February George Carleton 16th Feb 2008
Fairhead for February Hard Men Anthony Feeney 17th Feb 2008
Nevis Nightmare! Keith Monaghan 8-11 Feb 08
Glencoe Feb 2008 George Carleton 3rd Feb 2008
Colmcille Christmas Party Andrew Tees 26th January 2008
Reeking in Kerry. Alan Tees New Year 2008
Errigal NNE Ridge Columba McLaughlin 1st January 2008

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