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Log Entry TitleSubmitted ByDate
My Highlights of 2007 Peter Cooper 2007
The Big Cigar and Stookawhatsi Alan Tees 16/12
Wassail Abseil 2007 Anthony Feeney 2nd Dec 2007
Scotland for the brave Keith Monaghan 30/11/07 -02/12/07
When the weather is "caatt" pa Dave M 1st Dec.
Mad Dogs and Eglishmen. Alan Tees Saturday 24th Nov.
Massive (26) turn out for King Cooper & Thomas 04/11/07
When the weather's "cat" Peter Cooper & Dave Millar 28/10/07
Hard Work in Scotland Keith Monaghan 8th to 18th October 2007
Fairhead Car Park Opening George Carleton 20th October 2007
Day at Fairhead Dave Millar 20th Oct. 2007
Fairhead Michael Hassan 20 Oct 2007
MCI October Weekend at Ballyli Alan Tees 14/10/07
Skeldren Mor Geoff Thomas 8th - 9th Sept 2007
MCI Weekend and Climbing Anthony Feeney 13th October 2007
Weekend in North Wales Dave Millar 27th Sept. 2007
New Converts and Old Hands at George Carleton 22nd September 2007
St Kilda Alan Tees 11th - 17th Sept. 07
CCCC in Scotland Anthony Feeney 16th Sept 2007
CHAMONIX TARTS Keith Monaghan 30/8/07 8/9/07
Culdaff on a Wet September Day Anthony Feeney 8th Sept 2007
Crocanaffrain daytrip 07 Peter Cooper 02/09/07
Gola Weekend and First HVS Lea Anthony Feeney 26th August 2007
Short Day at Barnesmore Gap George Carleton 19th August 2007
The Eigerhorn Alan Tees 6th-10th August
Dave and George at Fairhead George Carleton 28th July 2007
Stookarudden Alan Tees 29/07/07
Owey overnighter Peter Cooper, Dave Millar 24th&25th July 2007
Fairhead in Glorious Sunshine Anthony Feeney 22nd July 2007
Alpine Meet, What I done! Alan Tees July 07
Alpine Meet - Saas Grund PJ Monaghan 6th - 17th July
MCI Alpine Meet, Sass Grund Alan Tees Thursday 12th July
Skildren Mor/Bird Sanctuary Martin Mc Guigan 30/06 07
SDGFY12345 and Owey Alan Tees 22nd-24th June
Owey Island Donegal Anthony Feeney June 24th 2007
Ox Tale Valli 16th 17th June
Cuillin Ridge June 2007 Anthony Feeney 6th June 2007
Skildren Mor : Malin Head Peter Cooper 9th & 10th June 2007
Crohy Head Alan Tees 2nd 3rd June
Skildren Mor Alan Tees 9th & 10th June 2007
Titanic Slab/Alias Great Expec Alan Tees 1973?
Devil's Slide - Lundy Bill LeClerc-Gigot 05/06/07
Has everyone retired? Alan Tees 26/05
Plan B Alan Tees 18th-21st May
Dun Bheag Crack etc Alan Tees 14/05/07
Cliff Hanger shane 4th/5th/6th May
Climbfest: Skallie's tale 'Skallie' Miller 5th May 2007
Climbfest 2007 - Lena Doherty Lena Doherty 5th, 6th and 7th May 2007
Climbfest 2007 - My Story Anthony Feeney 5th, 6th and 7th May 2007
Climbfest 2007 - The Press Rel Pete Smith 5th May 2007
New Inishowen Topo: rapidly be Peter Cooper 02/05/07
Fairhead with a Hangover (Agai Anthony Feeney 29th April 2007
On the Pigs Back Again. Alan Tees 29/04/07
New routes at Dunmore Head - s Bill LeClerc-Gigot 24th April 2007
Mournes weekend (Report Numbe George Carleton 21st /22nd April 2007
Digger at Dunmore Alan Tees 23/04/07
Smear Fest and Head Games Anthony Feeney 21st April 2007
Finbarr's Furry Fissure Alan Tees 19/04/07
Meets list: Cruit Peter Cooper 15/04/07
Chaos, Bedlam and Pandemonium Columba McLaughlin 10th March 2007
Ledge Route, Ben Nevis Columba McLaughlin 19th March 2007
Aonach Mór - East Face Columba McLaughlin 18th March 2007
Kate Winslet washed up at Benw Alan Tees Easter Sarurday.
Tigth Squeeze at Dunmore Head George Carleton 31/03/2007
Balmy day out at Malin Head Peter Cooper 26/03/2007
Sting in the tail Martin Mc Guigan 17 03 07
Five Go To Glencoe Anthony Feeney 8th - 11th March 2007
Done more on the head Alan Tees 2/03/07
Lugalla Dander Columba McLaughlin 24th Feb 2007
Pyrenees and Tapas Alan Tees 10th -13 th Feb. 2007
Culdaff Anthony Feeney 4th February 2007
Fairhead in the Wet Anthony Feeney 27th January 2007
Rjukan, Norway Bill LeClerc-Gigot 18 - 23 January 2007

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